5 Creative Ways to Make Your Assessment Process More Fun and Interactive

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A male recruiter sitting crossed leg on a cloud, trying to create a fun and interactive assessment process.

Whether you’re looking to hire your next big superstar, or you have to assess a mass number of applicants, there’s no denying that the assessment process can get quite boring at times.

If you’re an employer, decision-maker, or recruiter – your inbox must be overflowing with hundreds of applications, it’s probably making your head spin. So how can you assess and keep all these applicants engaged all throughout? It may seem impossible to you… but it’s not.

Luckily, in this digital era, we have access to advanced technologies that are allowing us to easily conduct innovative video assessment interviews, which are otherwise deemed as either costly or hard to conduct.

In this article, we spill the tea and share some awesome insider tips that can help you create an assessment process that is not only fun – but incredibly unique to applicants! 

Use awesome video interviewing software

A candidate watching an employer video before his assessment.

First and foremost, to make all the magic happen, you’re going to need to leverage video interviewing software. With this technology, you can automate, manage, and optimize the entire assessment process from one tab only. Allowing you to assess a mass number of applicants, build collaborative teams, ease the scheduling burden, automate remote assessments, observe nonverbal cues, get instant access to psychometric reports, find the best applicants, and flawlessly integrate with your favorite tools! With these incredible benefits, you can streamline and smoothen the assessment process for applicants like never before. You can also boost your assessing efficiency with smart automation, so you can assess applicants faster and with more confidence.

Clarify the process in advance

An assessor watching a video assessment on his laptop.

Everything, including video assessment interviews, becomes better when everyone knows what to expect. Applicants who haven’t conducted video assessment interviews before might get a little lost in translation. They’ll also find it quite hard to enjoy and master their assessments if they have no idea what to do. The best way to get started is by walking them through the process step by step. Drop them a call or email and go through the steps one by one. When applicants know what to expect, they’ll feel more prepared, comfortable, and confident to unleash their full potential. Also, it’s always a great idea to share with applicants the benefits of being assessed through videos, and how they can boost their chances of landing the job or improving the quality of their assessment process.

Customize and personalize the experience

A candidate getting reading for her assessment by watching an employer video,

All applicants and candidates want to feel special. We also know that personalized assessments and applicant experience go hand-in-hand. Meaning, the more you customize and personalize the way applicants are being assessed, the happier they’ll be with the overall experience. So, whenever possible, try to personalize communication with them. For instance, our video interviewing software can help you send automated emails that are personalized, sent in real-time, and notify applicants of their application status. This way, applicants will feel valued, appreciated, and special. As a result, you can get better responses from them, as they’ll start to find the assessment process more fun and interactive rather than impersonal, long, and boring.

Use the ‘’wow’’ factor: innovative technology

A candidate waving at the recruiter while conducting a video interview.

Traditional assessments don’t really bring anything new to the table. Applicants don’t usually feel wowed or in awe throughout the process. But with video interviewing software, you get to grip applicants and snatch their attention with cutting-edge features. For instance, EVA-SSESS provides each applicant with a psychometric report after the assessment or one-way interview. This report will reveal more about the applicant’s personality, such as their learning and communication style, performance in sales, programming aptitude, and the way they deal with customers. Applicants can also view their psychometric report, which can open their eyes to aspects of their personality that they were most likely never aware of. These reports can stun and amaze applicants, which in tow, boosts their assessment process!

Keep communication lines open

An applicant conducting a video assessment via phone.

All your applicants and candidates don’t want to be part of a process that is robotic and monotonous. And simply throwing in a video assessment link into their inbox will not reassure them. To keep them engaged, try to maintain a two-way communication stream. So reply to their emails and inquiries in a timely manner, and follow up with them as needed. When you communicate with candidates in a timely manner, you show them that you’re valuing their time, and want them to do their best in the assessment process. For instance, find a suitable time to jump on a quick call with applicants or candidates, and see how their preparation is going. Ask them if they checked out some of the cool features that the technology has to offer. When you interact more with applicants and keep communication lines open, they’ll feel more driven, motivated, and enthusiastic about their assessments.

To wrap up

With the dawn of this digital era, candidates and applicants need the right technology to stay engaged. It goes without saying, that video assessments are revolutionizing the way companies are carrying out assessments. Our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS is a powerful and user-friendly technology that scales and enhances your capability of designing an experience that attracts, stimulates, and engages with applicants effortlessly.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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