5 Great Ways Video Interviews Ease Applicant Stress During the Assessment Process

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A picture of a male applicant resting his head on his laptop, stressing over the assessment process.

Many applicants tend to feel quite nervous before their video assessment interviews. Undoubtedly, they can significantly ramp up stress levels for applicants and turn the assessment process into a nerve-wracking experience.

When applicants are stressed, it can be quite hard for them to show you their best side and unleash their full potential during the assessment process. In tow, you might find it equally hard to evaluate them accurately and make informed decisions. Therefore, it’s essentially important for you to create a process that allows applicants to feel comfortable and at ease, so you can pave the way for a superb applicant experience. And the best way to do that is by incorporating video interviews into the assessment process!

So let’s take a look at the five great ways you can leverage video interviews into the assessment process, to significantly reduce stress for your applicants. 

Applicants no longer need to worry about chaotic commutes

A female applicant resting her chin on her hands, looking sad.

The beautiful thing about remote assessments is that they can be carried out in bulks, in a few days only, and from any device. Rather than driving all the way across the country or hopping on a plane in these uncertain pandemic times, applicants are spared from all these geographical barriers. This means that applicants no longer need to feel stressed about public transportation or arriving at the location on time. What’s more, video assessment interviews remove the need for travel, they allow candidates to record their videos from the comfort of their own homes, and eliminate the need to worry about any chaotic commutes!

Video interviews allow applicants to calm their pre-assessment jitters

A female recruiter working on the laptop, video interviewing applicants.

We’re all familiar with that tingly feeling we get before a big day when our stomachs start to twist into tighter knots. The same goes for the assessment process. Applicants may go through sleepless nights and battle a whirlwind of thoughts. The great news is; video interviews help applicants overcome their pre-performance nerves and jitters.

Did you know that the usage of AI video software has gone up by 160% since 2020? It has also given applicants access to tools and features that ensure they undergo a smooth, comfortable, and stress-free assessment process.

Knowing that the vast majority of people today are familiar with video technologies such as FaceTime, applicants who conduct one way interviews will feel like they can record in their own element. What’s more, applicants can avoid any extra pressure that is induced from being assessed in person, which usually occurs in unfamiliar or stressful environments.

Applicants have the chance to rerecord their answers when needed

A female recruiter watching a video assessment on EVASSESS.

Video assessment interviews give applicants the convenience and flexibility to rerecord their answers if they feel like they didn’t do so well the first time. They can also conduct their assessments at a time that suits their convenience. This works great for applicants who need to work around their family’s needs or other important commitments.

In addition, these video interviews can significantly help applicants feel relaxed since they can start recording their answers once they feel ready. They don’t need to feel pressured to start or end the assessment at a certain time. Therefore, allowing them to also retake their videos, gives them an extra sense of comfort and relief during the assessment process.

Fair assessments make applicants feel like they all have the same chance

A recruiter using EVA-SSESS, the video assessment tool.

All applicants who sit for a one way interview respond to the same set of questions. By unifying the assessment experience, decision-makers can fairly evaluate all applicants based on the applicants’ responses to the same set of questions. As a result, they significantly minimize bias in the assessment process.

For instance, our video interviewing software generates a personality report for each applicant, which significantly helps in preventing biased first impressions. This report is backed by the Five-Factor Model report that reveals valuable insights into the applicants’ personalities based on the following five traits: agreeableness, consciousness, openness, extraversion, and emotional stability.

With EVA-SSESS, businesses will always have a database and reference for the applicant’s assessments. This means that they can always refer back to them at any time, to eliminate any risk of bias in the assessment process!

Applicants know what to expect prior to taking the assessment

An employee using EVA-SSESS on his laptop to assess applicants.

Unlike in-person assessments, applicants don’t have the chance to view the questions in advance. This means that they need to come up with clever answers on spot, which might leave them feeling nervous and anxious beforehand. The great news is though, with EVA-SSESS, applicants have the chance to view and prepare for the assessment questions in advance. For instance, decision-makers can allocate a certain amount of time for applicants to view and prepare their responses, before clicking on the Record button. This gives applicants some time to devise their answers and ease down their stress!

In conclusion

Video interviews are an exceptional way for applicants to feel more calm and composed, prior to conducting their assessments. They also make applicants feel like they are in control, which therefore allows them to unleash their full potential. When applicants feel relaxed enough to do their best, decision-makers can seamlessly assess and evaluate the applicants’ responses with greater accuracy and thoroughness.

Looking to give your applicants a smooth and stress-free assessment process? Give EVA-SSESS a try, and see how it can do that for you today!

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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