5 Great Ways AI is Transforming Remote Recruitment in 2021

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A recruiter using AI to boost remote recruitment

In today’s digital age, AI is more than just a passing trend. It’s playing a fundamental role in revolutionizing the remote recruitment process and HR landscape.

AI has terrifically helped talent acquisition teams automate and simplify various aspects of the recruitment process; from automating repetitive tasks, sourcing candidates, filtering resumes, shortlisting top talent, to hiring candidates.

Today, thanks to AI technology, HR departments can tackle their everyday challenges with ease. Where they can instantly increase operational capacity, and incredibly boost their recruitment ROI. Even better, AI is proven to enhance human contact in remote recruitment.

So the real question is: in what ways can AI transform the remote recruitment process in 2021?

Everything you need to know is in this article!

Automating repetitive and administrative tasks

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In this digital era, automating HR processes isn’t particularly new. So how can AI make it any different? To begin with, AI can automate, optimize, and speed up time-consuming tasks. This will leave HR professionals with more time to focus on high level tasks, so they can drive some great changes to their organization.

When recruiters have fewer tasks to worry about, it leaves them with more time to focus on the candidates, on making accurate decisions, on collaborating with their teammates, and on nurturing strong relationships with candidates.

As a result, automating administrative tasks will impact the overall success of the remote recruitment process, and reduce recruiting costs and time-to-hire.

Enhanced candidate matching

Every recruiter looks for particular skill sets in a candidate. However, matching candidates to the right job vacancy, is a different ball game all together. Recruiters can get quite overwhelmed when the number of candidates they receive for a certain job opening is large. This is where AI jumps in and solves this problem.

For instance, our AI hiring platform can intelligently help recruiters match resumes with pre-existing job vacancies or with any other job description. Then, a matching percentage will also appear next to each candidate’s profile.

This matching percentage signifies how well the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements. The AI will then rank the candidates from highest to lowest match. Therefore, incredibly saving the recruiter’s time, boosting the remote recruitment efforts, and helping them spot the most qualified candidates with a single click!

Accurate and unbiased recruitment decisions

AI has been incredibly helpful in removing bias and encouraging diversity in the workplace. The key to overcoming hiring bias is to get past our fixation with skills and knowledge, and focus more on hiring real talent.

The beauty of AI is that it can help recruiters hire objectively and assess an entire pipeline of candidates in no time. What’s more, AI helps recruiters make sourcing and screening decisions based on data-driven insights.

Meaning, it uses large quantities of data, combines data points, and filters through a mass number of candidates to help recruiters spot the most qualified ones. This will ultimately reduce unconscious human bias and obliterate it completely from the remote recruitment process.

AI enables recruiters to boost the candidate’s experience

Without a grain of doubt, streamlined candidate interactions have played a crucial role in boosting the candidate experience. Innovative and sophisticated AI hiring platforms, chatbots and assistants, can engage with candidates in real time, and in every step of the hiring process.

This is done via automated emails, SMS messages, or chat. In these messages, the AI instantly informs candidates of their application status, schedules interviews, or answers specific questions related to the role or company.

This way, with automation and AI at hand, recruiters can incredibly reduce time-to-interview and time-to-hire by eliminating major bottlenecks in the recruitment process.

Also, AI can initiate the outreach to multiple candidates across various sources, which will help recruiters significantly save time on chasing down leads.

Automating candidate sourcing

Finding candidates from numerous sources, is not only time-consuming, but it’s draining as well. With AI, recruiters can automatically source hundreds of millions of candidate profiles in seconds.

Al also takes all the guesswork out of passive recruiting by simply helping you source, find, and shortlist a list of candidates that perfectly match the job vacancy you’re trying to fill. This is done by simply collecting and analyzing a massive amount of data, that include the potential candidates’ social media profiles.


Today, AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. AI has clearly reshaped and revamped remote recruitment in spectacular ways. AI has also significantly augmented human intelligence and freed up time for recruiters to focus more on other important aspects in the recruitment process. This is fundamentally helping recruiters and HR professionals become more resourceful in finding top talent and optimizing the recruitment process.

If you’re a recruiter, who is lost in a hiring process that resembles a maze…then our hiring platform can show you the way. Our AI hiring platform is designed to streamline and automate repetitive and high-volume tasks, that will pave the way for a smoother remote recruitment process. Try it now!

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