5 Useful Remote Hiring Tips That Actually Work

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Remote hiring is no longer a passing trend. It’s a new norm that many recruiters can no longer ignore. Today, we’re seeing more and more companies resort to remote hiring due to the changes that took place in the past year.

And thankfully, remote hiring doesn’t demand astronomical changes. Just a few tweaks here and there. To simply put it, your team doesn’t have to dramatically change how they work just to excel at remote hiring. They just need a few awesome tips that will help them attract, interview and hire remote employees effectively.

Here are our 5 useful tips to help you create a better and more efficient remote hiring process!

Adapt and leverage the right hiring technology

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First and foremost, to make remote hiring work, you’re going to need an awesome hiring platform. Companies around the world are experiencing huge success from using AI-powered hiring platforms to streamline and automate the remote hiring process. Such technology is incredibly sophisticated enough to help talent acquisition teams quickly surface top-notch candidates. For example, our hiring platform allows recruiters to source and attract top talent with built-in candidate sourcing and a single-click job posting to 2,000+ job boards.

Recruiters can also deliver a modern candidate experience with branded career pages, mobile-friendly applications, multiple language options, and personalized communication. Not only that, but recruiters can also tune in together and collaborate in one place. Where they can leave their comments, feedback, or rating towards any candidate – to inevitably improve evaluations, mitigate bias, and move the right candidates forward.

As a result, the right hiring platform can help you turn into a remote hiring pro, where you can save 80% of your time, reduce costs by up to 96%, and improve the candidate experience by 70%.

Alter up your job promotion tactics

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Since so many candidates are actively looking for remote jobs, they already have a list of their top go-to places. And surprisingly, these places aren’t the traditional job boards you may be used to. This is why a vast majority of recruiters are missing out on top talent because they’re looking for them in the same places. Alternatively, try job boards that are popular with remote workers. Such as AngelList, Remote.co, WeWorkRemotely, and Remotive. Additionally, if you’re aiming to improve your sourcing strategy, opt to get listed in remote work directories and try to get traction from remote working communities.

The bottom line is: if you aren’t able to hire the right candidate in your remote hiring process, then you should alter up your focus and job promotion tactics. And make sure you keep the following in mind: your job descriptions should be just as strong as your job ads.

Meaning, they should have an accurate description of your remote work policy, your company’s environment, and any logistics requirements. Simply said, job descriptions and ads that are smartly crafted, can help you attract and hire the right candidates from the first time around.

Keep collaborative hiring a priority

hiring team collaborating together

As technology providers, we’re big believers that collaborative hiring facilitates the prospect of hiring top talent. This is why our hiring platform makes team collaboration a sport. In fact, it helps teams get more excited to work together and make collective decisions together. Not only will this help them move faster in the remote hiring process, but it will also help them increase their productivity, efficiency, and motivation.

So, be sure to keep collaborative hiring a priority, even when you’re swamped. And if you don’t have a hiring platform to bring your team collaboration into one place, then don’t worry. There are others ways that you can go about it.

Start off by assigning a dedicated hiring lead, someone who will ensure the remote hiring process is moving forward. Then, schedule a time for hiring activities and set aside a certain amount of hours per week for recruiting. Finally, set an interview goal per week, have weekly hiring meetings and interact often with managers.

And don’t forget about the candidates. Sometimes it happens that you communicate so much with the team, you completely forget that you need to communicate often with the candidates too. So be sure to keep them in the loop, send them follow-up emails, and keep communication lines open.

Make the most out of video interviewing

Laptop showing video assessment interview

The days of having to interview candidates face-to-face are on hold. Companies no longer feel forced to conduct in-person interviews when they are leveraging incredibly useful video interviewing technology. Where recruiters can conveniently interview candidates while working remotely, and candidates can record and submit their video assessment interviews at their own convenience.

The truth of the matter is, one-way video interviews and assessments are changing the game in remote hiring. Simply because candidates can submit their interviews at a time that suits them best, without being confined to geographical barriers. So candidates won’t have to make the drive to the office, catch the nearest train, or hop on a plane to conduct the first round of interviews. Alternatively, recruiters can send prospect candidates a one-way video assessment link via email. Candidates can then take the assessments at any time or place, and submit them within the requested timeframe.

Afterwards, recruiters can utilize the video interviewing software to assess and evaluate the candidate’s results. For example, our video interviewing software generates AI psychometric reports that shed great light into the candidate’s communication style, preferred learning method, programming aptitude and performance in sales. Our video interviewing software also shows recruiters if the candidates’ answers are relevant to the recruiter’s model answer and consequently ranks the candidates from highest to lowest match.

In a nutshell, video interviewing makes the notion of hiring top talent much easier in the remote hiring process and helps recruiters make more accurate and confident decisions with data-driven insights.

Create and digitize an awesome onboarding process

HR team working together

We know that the employee and candidate experience are on top of every recruiter’s agenda. Much of today’s onboarding processes still remain outdated despite the fact that companies are operating remotely. It means that they’re struggling to adopt an innovative, smart, and automated onboarding experience that puts candidates first.

Therefore, we suggest you digitize an awesome onboarding process that adds great value to your remote hiring efforts. You can also leverage awesome onboarding software to help you get started with ease.

You can also grant new hires access to an employee portal where they can find their own personalized onboarding content waiting for them. This content can include the employee handbook, orientation plan, and best practices from their managers. In addition, you can also include useful information such as an employee directory, the new hire’s responsibilities, and a welcoming video.

You can seamlessly digitize the onboarding process with videos and create a visual dashboard that new hires can use to keep track of their tasks and to-do list.

To wrap up

At the end of the day, remote hiring isn’t a complex process. It just needs a little re-thinking. So be sure to dedicate some time to implement these tips and improve the processes that require more attention. Keep in mind, that the basics of remote hiring are still the same. It’s still vitally important to attract great talent and design a memorable candidate experience, and we hope that you can do just that with these useful remote hiring tips!

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