Wondering Why Employer Branding Matters? Check Out These 5 Great Reasons

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Before we get to why employer branding matters, what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘branding’? For us, it is the look, feel, or even identity that a product or service holds in the mind of its customers.

But just as much as branding is important to the marketing of goods and services, not much is being said about how the same principles can be used to attract employees.

While the success of a brand is to come up with the best product or service, you also need the right employees to make that happen. What differentiates successful brands from less successful ones can easily be traced to the quality of their employees, values, and work ethics.

Plus, just as products and services are positioned to target the right customers, companies should be positioned in a way that attracts the right talent. Employer branding stands as one of the pivotal aspects of brand building – as it helps companies attract people who will support their purpose, values, and vision.

Consequently in this blog, we will discuss why employer branding matters and how it can help you attract and retain top talent.

Attract top talent

recruiters discussing why employer branding matters

People are more compelled to work in a company that has a good reputation and treats its employees well. Research has shown that companies must foster the following qualities to build a positive employer brand that attracts more qualified candidates:

  • A sense of job security
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Companies that share the same values as candidates
  • Companies with positive feedback from present or past employees
  • Companies with a better work environment

Having these qualities projects a positive employer branding and will help you put your best foot forward in attracting top talent for your company.

It boosts talent acquisition

An image showing the upward growth of talent acquisition

Great employer branding can significantly help you woo in top talent. A positive employer brand actively stirs up your talent acquisition and helps recruiters and HR professionals hire the best candidates with ease. Ultimately, your employer brand can support you in boosting your talent pool and entice top talent to accept your job offers faster.

Plus, it can significantly ramp up and improve the quality of hire. Awesome, right?

Still not completely convinced yet?

Let’s run through a few more points on why employer branding matters.

It reduces hiring time and costs

Recruiter hiring candidate within a short period of time

One of the significant reasons why employer branding matters is that it reduces the cost and time it would normally take to hire a candidate.

Employer branding is like a self-announcing attribute that every company needs to invest in. Just like branding creates awareness around products and services – employer branding puts an organization in the spotlight to attract top talent. This enables you to spend less on advertising costs when you have an already polished employer brand.

This way, you no longer have to spend a large sum of money on promoting your job openings on various job boards. Instead, top talent will find you and apply to your job openings. Plus, it slashes the time you would normally spend on hunting for candidates because they will find you.

Boosts employee morale and productivity

Happy employee feeling productive

Apart from attracting and recruiting great candidates, employer branding can also significantly impact your post-recruitment process.

It all boils down to one important question: how comfortable and happy are your employees with their jobs?

A good employer brand makes your company a great place to work. When employees are valued through career development, continued training, competitive compensation, and lucrative benefits, they are happier and more engaged at work.

Having a friendly and realistic work culture can ultimately boost employee morale at the workplace. In addition, it makes room for employees to provide valuable feedback, improve workflows, and enhance productivity.

Enhances employee retention

Appreciating employees for retention, showing why employer branding matters

Retaining top talent is one challenging pickle for talent acquisition teams. While hiring awesome candidates is an indication of talent acquisition success, the glory lies in being able to retain employees.

Fortunately, employee retention is one of the reasons why employer branding matters. Not only does your employer brand lure top talent, but it can also keep employees engaged all throughout.

But the million-dollar question is; how do you do that?

For example, a study on employee retention from Deloitte shows that 83% of millennials are actively engaged when a company fosters a positive and inclusive culture. The cheat code is to make your company a place where employees love to work, unleash their full potential, and thrive in their careers.

Final words

Going by the tides of the current competitive nature for top talents, talent acquisition specialists are coming to terms with why employer branding matters. Your employer brand should be all about developing, highlighting, and enhancing what your company stands for and what makes it unique from the others. Plus, remember that an investment in your employees is also a profitable investment in your company.

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Put your employer brand under the spotlight

With EVA-REC, create a modern career page that showcases your brand identity and converts top talent fast.
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