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Tennis players have their favorite rackets. Chefs have their favorite knives. Artists have their favorite paint brushes. And recruiters have their favorite hiring platform!

If you’ve been bogged down with paperwork, endless piles of resumes, and administrative tasks that never seem to end – our hearts go out to you.

Do you sometimes wish you had a magical way to automate everything without the hassle?

Well, we have good news. Great news, in fact. You can seamlessly do that with our one-of-a-kind and zero hassle hiring platform; EVA-REC!

EVA-REC is a next-generation hiring platform that helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful workforces and hire top talent at scale. It also enables companies of all sizes and shapes to find, attract, and hire the right people, every time. It offers world-class AI features that are fully customizable and create an immersive hiring experience for HR teams and candidates alike. EVA-REC is widely hailed as a hiring platform that seamlessly opens doors to a more diverse talent pool – and makes it far easier for HR professionals to find them.

Now, there are various hiring platforms out there in the market, but there are 5 strong and undeniable reasons why you should choose EVA-REC instead.

EVA-REC, the award-winning hiring platform, is equipped with bespoke features and functionalities that will immaculately suit all your hiring needs. Here’s how:

Build a modern career page that converts

recruiter building a career page with a hiring platform

Every company aspires to create a branded career page that converts top talent into new hires. Every recruiter dreams about having top-notch candidates effortlessly flowing into their pipelines. Every employer seeks an outstanding employer brand that knocks out the competition with ease.

The great news? EVA-REC can seamlessly turn these wishes into reality.

We all want careers pages that market our brands excellently and help us attract top candidates to our open roles. Bring your desires to fruition, by building and designing your own branded career page in a matter of minutes, with the one and only futuristic hiring platform, EVA-REC. Say goodbye to breaking your budget on hiring designers and developers to get the page built for you. Instead, build it all on your own and go live in seconds!

Creating a modern career page with EVA-REC will help you put your brand and jobs under the spotlight. It’s beyond easy to set up and use across all devices. What’s more, with this branded career page, you can easily attract the right candidates by providing a real sense of your work environment. And we’re not just talking about posting pictures of your pinball machine. Candidates want to see your perks and benefits, value proposition, and what you have to offer. EVA-REC, our hiring platform, provides just that.

Through this career page, candidates will also get to see team testimonials and your company culture through pictures and videos. And our advice? Ditch the stock photos. Give candidates a real look behind the scenes with genuine pictures of your team and office. This way, you can excite top talent to join your company and become part of your team. Consequently, building a killer employer brand can undeniably help you build a gripping brand story, articulate the benefits of your job offer, frame your core values, and bring life to your brand identity.

Post jobs on 2,000+ first-class job sites in one click

recruiter posting jobs through a hiring platform

Tired of wasting valuable time and money promoting your jobs? What if we told you that you can now publish jobs the smart way, to the right people, and across your favorite job boards – with one single click?

With EVA-REC, you can integrate with 2,000+ job boards, channels, and social media platforms! It will be easier for you to reach more qualified candidates, across a global portfolio of large and niche job boards. This integration will ultimately make your job posting process easy and simple. These 2000+ integrations provide you with the gateway you need to post all your jobs online – and with a few clicks. Also, it’s designed to enrich your job ad and sourcing process, by making it easier to attract and hire top talent across a global portfolio of renowned job boards.

With the zero hassle hiring platform, EVA-REC, you can make cross-posting jobs on different channels stress-free and seamless. For starters, instead of logging in and out of each individual job site, you can alternatively attract the best candidates from all around the world – from one tab only.
And do you find yourself wasting time researching the best job posts to post your jobs on? Worry no more. EVA-REC spares you from that inconvenience as well!

EVA-REC can offer the best channel recommendations based on the job requirements. All you’ve got to do is simply select the region, channel type, job category, industry, and job title. Afterward, you’ll instantly get a list of channels that meet your sourcing needs. This way, you’ll make sure that you’re targeting the most effective job boards for your job role when you’re high-volume hiring and attract the right talent with ease.

Organize and customize workflows from one dashboard

recruiter automating pipelines with a hiring platform

If you’re still recruiting through spreadsheets, outdated methods, and an inbox flooding with resumes – it will be incredibly hard to track candidates and keep tabs on your recruitment.

On the bright side, a hiring platform like EVA-REC makes that breeze!

Our hiring platform allows you to customize hiring pipelines, stages, and actions for different roles with advanced automation that saves time.

Where you can easily build custom pipelines and triggers for every hiring process, allowing you to manage and customize pipelines based on your own needs and preferences. It also helps you create automated triggers when moving candidates from one stage to another. Where candidates either receive a questionnaire or email, prepping them for the next stage of the hiring process. This means that you and your entire hiring team can log into EVA-REC, and from one single dashboard you can view all your pipelines, see where each candidate is, and get an overview of the status of every job.

Not only that, but you can also measure a candidate’s qualifications by applying weights to the criteria most important to you. The criteria can be related to the position, location, skills, career level, language proficiency, willingness to travel, owning a vehicle, and so much more. So if you’re looking to recruit an awesome translator, you might allocate more importance to language proficiency than any other criteria. Once you adjust the weights, EVA-REC will automatically show you the candidates that prove to be a perfect match. Even better, the hiring platform uses AI to automatically rank candidates in order of qualification, and help you spot the best candidates for the position.

This means, hours – if not days – of hard work, can be done in a few seconds with EVA-REC!

Put collaboration at the heart of your hiring process

talent acquisition team collaborating together

No matter what you hear, finding and hiring top talent usually takes a team of people. It’s beyond challenging – and debilitating – for only one recruiter to take over the entire process.
So if you’ve got an awesome talent acquisition team, you most likely struggle to manage them all, control their access to candidate data, give permissions, track approvals, and boost team collaboration.

If your company is scaling up, and you’ve got teams scattered across different locations – EVA-REC brings them together in one centralized platform. Essentially, our award-winning hiring platform breaks down silos with effective team collaboration. Where team members can smoothly consolidate candidate feedback fast and empower teams to evaluate, rate, and assess candidates together – all under one tab.

For example, EVA-REC keeps everyone up to date on the status of each job and every candidate. Recruiters can easily collect feedback, compare notes, create to-dos, and discuss candidates with your team, right inside EVA-REC. In addition, you can define user roles and permissions with tools that control who sees what and when. But most importantly, swap spreadsheets for an automated hiring platform that keeps stakeholders in the know about requisitions, workflows, offers, and approvals management.

All in all, a hiring platform like EVA-REC enhances teamwork between various departments. Where recruiters can create and invite their teammates across different departments to support them in the hiring process. These teammates can be assigned different tasks and specific permissions throughout the hiring process. Which grants all teams one single place to collaborate together – even if they’re working remotely and are oceans apart.

Get advanced analytics, reports, and insights that keep you alert

hiring platform showing advanced analytics

Do you struggle to create recruitment reports that your boss wants to see? Do you constantly find yourself crunching numbers on a calculator, looking for KPI equations, and failing to generate the insights you need?

It may feel like you’re trying to boil an ocean – and it shouldn’t be this way.

Bring advanced analytics into play, with the world’s most intuitive hiring platform. Harness the power of AI and get access to the star employee you didn’t know you had – your data.

EVA-REC allows you to track, share, and improve your hiring process with real-time recruiting analytics, reports, and insights. Where you can seamlessly get a birds-eye view of your recruitment through recruitment metrics that are already calculated for you.

For example, through EVA-REC, you can track if your candidates are coming from job boards, social media, or other channels. This will help you pinpoint what’s working and what’s not in your sourcing strategy. Consequently, you can fine-tune certain parts and focus more on the sourcing channels that actually work.

You can also specify the time period from which you want to gather these insights from. In addition, you also have an advanced filter per job, so you can get insights specific to any particular job. What makes this Analytics feature special is that it’s flexible, visual, and fully customizable. This means that you can customize the data that you want to appear on the grid view, by simply selecting the insights you want to see. What’s more, if you’d like to further analyze the data found in the grid view, you can simply extract the data as a CSV file and share it with your teammates.

Keeping it short

Recruitment isn’t easy, so don’t try to wing it. Leverage the hiring platform your company needs to win at scale, hire top talent with ease, and build a talented workforce.

EVA-REC is a full-fledged hiring platform that does the heavy lifting for you and makes sure your hiring is hassle-free. Think of EVA-REC as the indispensable teammate who can shockingly and easily automate all your hiring processes, streamline your HR functions, and allow you to recruit the right talent today, tomorrow, and every day.

Would you like to see our award-winning hiring platform in action? Book a free one-on-one demo here, and see how EVA-REC can make your hiring easy, incredible, and most importantly, hassle-free.

Optimize and improve your talent acquisition today‏

Learn how our #1 leading hiring platform can help you use AI and automation to save time, eliminate manual tasks, and become great at hiring.
See EVA-REC in action ‏

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