5 Proven Ways to Supercharge Your Recruitment ROI

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Do you remember the last time you took a good look at the recruitment technology you’re using, or your recruitment ROI? Did you spot any bottlenecks, or see any effectiveness?

While Covid19 will eventually come to end, virtual hiring and recruitment will not. Which means that whether you’re working remotely, or contemplating to return to work – measuring your return on investment is crucially important.

As a recruiter, manager, or HR leader – taking a good look at how your recruitment process is doing, can surely help you keep it on the competitive edge. So, if you’ve come to realize that your recruitment ROI needs a little push, and maybe a little supercharging, don’t worry. You came to the right place!

Today we are going to share with you some killer tips that can help you supercharge your recruitment ROI starting today!

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Use an AI hiring solution to find top talent

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Did you know that by using an AI hiring solution, you can boost your ROI by 130%? That’s because a hiring solution can help you automate and optimize every aspect of the recruitment process. Which means, you can decrease time to hire by 90%, reduce recruitment costs by 70%, and significantly enhance the way you discover, engage and hire top talent.

What’s more, a hiring solution can help you use cutting-edge technology to source, filter, and shortlist candidates in minutes. All while allowing you to assess the qualifications that matter the most to you, and hire the right people that will grow and add value to your business.

Our modern end-to-end hiring solution covers the entire hiring cycle from A to Z. Powered by AI, our hiring solution helps you conquer all your HR challenges, and hire the best people every time. Allowing you to create breathtaking branded career pages, post jobs to over 10,000 job boards, filter resumes with just a click, shortlist candidates in seconds, arrange interviews, and centralize communication amongst team members, to achieve stellar results.

Showcase your employer brand to attract candidates

If we know one thing for certain it’s that brand identity is everything. Your brand identity is one of the first things that candidates will notice about you. To showcase who you really are, you have to incorporate your brand identity into your career page and throughout the candidate’s journey. You can add pictures of your team, and a day in the life of your company.

This way, you can effortlessly excite candidates to join your company, and make them feel like they are within the scope of your brand, even from a distance. By reflecting your brand identity in the recruitment process, you can increase the candidate’s engagement and response rate by 92%!

This means that you will be able to attract top talent and convert them easily. You’ll also avoid losing them to faster-moving companies. And what does acquiring top talent do? It significantly boosts your recruitment ROI!

Start conducting video interviews like a pro

Today, video interviews are becoming an integral and popular part of the recruitment process. Whether it’s your first, second, or fiftieth video interview as an employer, it most likely wouldn’t be your last!

So are you looking for a comprehensive list of reasons as to how video interviews can supercharge your ROI?

Here it is: it eases the scheduling burden, saves you time and effort, makes interviews more consistent, provides deeper insights on candidates, and creates a flexible and convenient interview experience. What’s more, you can effortlessly eliminate the long list of stressors that come with in-person interviews, by simply conducting video interviews at a time that suits everyone’s convenience.

This means that you can make the hiring process smoother for both your team and candidates. Therefore, helping you reduce administrative costs, by simply standardizing, automating, and simplifying interviews to reduce the cost-to-hire and help you boost your ROI.

Focus more on candidate experience and engagement

Did you know that 83% of candidates state that they wouldn’t apply to a job again after a bad experience? And did you know that one third of HR professionals don’t have the time to engage with candidates properly?
Luckily, an AI hiring solution saves up the recruiter’s time and allows them to give candidates the time and effort they deserve.

Each recruiter will be able to spend more time with candidates (even remotely) all while ensure timely communication and a superb candidate experience. What’s more, by personalizing communication with the candidates, recruiters will make candidates feel valued and special.

Also, with a hiring solution, you can reduce the time to apply from 15 minutes to a few minutes only, which mean you are most likely to save 28% on media costs! You will also significantly reduce time-to-hire because you’re not losing viable and qualified candidates to competitors with a lengthy process.

Build a dynamic onboarding process

The onboarding process is one of the most crucial steps in the recruitment process. A well-organized onboarding process can help you boost retention rate and interaction with employees, even when you hire them remotely.

Naturally, it could be quite hard for new employees to get started remotely, especially without the right technology. Luckily, we have a video assessment tool that can help all employees get on board easily!

Hence, you can use an AI video assessment tool like ours to onboard employees remotely with ease. This way, you can reduce paperwork, automate the setup process, use pre-recorded videos and tutorials, and arrange a virtual tour of the office.

So instead of leaving numerous documents on their desks to read, you can alternatively send them a previously made video assessment done by another employee or even yourself! As a result, this will boost employee engagement and recruitment ROI.

Tying it all together

Whether you’re hiring in the midst of a pandemic, or when you’re working from home, never neglect the simple ways you can recharge your recruitment ROI. Keep in mind that with the right hiring solution, you can revamp the way you hire and who you hire. This will help you and your recruiting team to maximize and unleash your full potential. All while clearing your busy schedules to focus on finding and hiring top notch candidates that will add great value to your company and contribute to it’s success.

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