5 Important Things Every HR Professional Needs to Consider After Working Remotely

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Recruiters who are working remotely

Are the employees at your workplace finally returning to the office?

Working remotely became the new staple for various companies and remote work startups.

However, many companies are now moving forward with the plan to have their employees return to the office. We all know that returning to the workplace in the midst of a pandemic is no walk in the park; it entails a lot of preparing, planning, and organizing.

From safety protocols, communication, responsibilities, and logistics; there’s a lot to take into consideration from the HR’s side. So what should every recruiter take into consideration if their team is no longer working remotely?

In this article, we are going to share 5 key factors that every HR professional needs to prioritize after working remotely.

Let’s discuss them together!

Take all the necessary safety measures

A recruiter applying hand sanitizer in the office after working remotely

Working remotely has made employees feel much safer. Therefore, employees will tend to feel much more relaxed returning to the workplace once they know that all the right safety measures are taking place. But remember, preparing the physical workplace isn’t the only thing that should be taken into consideration before employees start working from the office again.

You must ensure their safety and health first. Meaning, we highly suggest that you make sure everything they need is available and that the office layout is redesigned to encourage social distancing. Thermometers, hand sanitizers, face masks, medical gloves, and other protective gears should be available at all times. Also, new protocols should be crafted in terms of meeting rooms, kitchens, and waiting rooms.

Listen to what the employees have to say

A recruiter speaking to the team with video interviewing software

Before the employees return to work, listen to how they truly feel about it. Encourage managers to speak proactively with their teams and hold one-on-one discussions.

Chances are, you might discover that many of the employees are not keen on ending their work-from-home privilege.

Listen to their concerns and stressors. Ask them what would make them more comfortable to return to work. Be empathetic and tentatively take their needs into consideration.

Communication fosters greater connections. Relay the employees’ thoughts to their managers, and discuss how their needs can be met prior to their return to the office.

Identify the critically at ‘’high risk’’ employees

A ''high risk'' employee feeling lethargic at work

Did you know that according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, almost 1 of out 4 employees could be at high risk if they catch Covid19? That’s not to forget the individuals who are already living in the households of these employees and can seriously be affected by this indirect exposure.

Employees with underlying health problems, autoimmune disorders, and serious medical issues should be excused from returning to the office. HR professionals should give special consideration to these employees to minimize their exposure to the risk.

As a result, they should speak to their managers and try to work out a schedule that can allow them to continue working remotely if possible.

Resort to a hiring platform for help

A recruiter using a hiring platform while working remotely

It’s no wonder that hiring technology made our lives much easier, especially when working remotely. But bear in mind, an advanced hiring platform like ours can make your life easier, whether you’re working remotely or from the office!

If your talent acquisition team is coming back to the office, consider utilizing a hiring platform to streamline your recruitment process. If you were using one, then we highly suggest you continue leveraging its benefits from the office.

Our hiring platform can help you and your team engage in conversations that flow in real time, share feedback on candidates and participate in valuable discussions.

What’s more, our hiring platform can instantly rank candidates from highest to least fit in just a few seconds. This way, you and your team can make the right hire, every time, no matter where you’re working from.

Keep “working remotely” as an option

A recruiter using a hiring platform

Many experts and health officials recommend allowing employees to work remotely if necessary, especially if it won’t disrupt the business’ operations.

Chances are, employees would still like to have the option of working remotely from time to time. Which makes it crucially important to give employees the personal choice, so you won’t have to instill a sense of terror by forcing them to come back to the office.

Consider being more flexible and lenient with your work-from-home policy, which will help make the transition back to the office much smoother.

Bottom line

Returning back to office after working remotely can be overwhelming.

Some employees might become anxious while others might show signs of resilience. As a recruiter, you can play a vital role in shaping this transition back. The key to making this transition smooth is to take various factors into consideration.

So make sure you apply all the required safety measures, listen to what the employees have to say, pardon “at-risk’’ employees, utilize a hiring platform, and keep working from home as an option.

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