5 Great Video Interviewing Tips for Every HR Professional

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It’s quite clear that Covid19 changed the entire hiring scene. From a hiring standpoint, it also changed the way employers conduct job interviews.

Resumes can tell you if a candidate has the minimum requirements for a job. Is that true? Probably.

But video interviewing can also help you discover soft, intangible and behavioral skills that you can’t unveil from resumes alone. Is that true? Definitely!

So how can you leverage the full power of video interviewing, as an HR professional?

It’s simple!

In this article, we are going to share some awesome video interviewing tips that can help you conduct, prepare, and manage video interviews successfully.

Use the right hiring technology

There’s no right way to conduct video interviews. But there’s always the right technology! With our video interviewing software, you can remotely interview candidates and assess their eligibility for any particular position. You can interview A-star candidates from all around the world and from the comfort of your own home!

Also, it ultimately reduces your time to hire and unveils fascinating personality insights about your candidates. Better yet, with our video interviewing software you can invite a mass number of candidates, interview hundreds of them a day, and choose the time and place that suits your convenience. And you’re done. It’s that easy and simple!

Prepare your video interview questions ahead of time

Just like any other interview, don’t try to wing it. Prepare your questions ahead of time, but keep in mind that it’s going to take a lot more than cliché interview questions to recognize your next best hire. It would be wise to prepare cut-to-the-chase questions that can help you learn more about your candidates on a deeper level.

Before diving into the interview, we suggest you start the interview with some icebreaker questions to help the candidates feel more relaxed. Then, bear in mind that you’ve got to create a mix between behavioral-based questions and general skill-based questions. From that point onwards, you can start asking more in depth questions. We also suggest you prepare an intro script in advance, to help you start the interview on a great note!

Perform a video interview test run

If you struggle with the technology more than the candidate, then it goes without saying that it will reflect poorly on you and your company! The best way to prevent that is to familiarize yourself with the technology in advance.

Run a test interview with your teammates so you can troubleshoot any potential technical mishaps that may arise during the video interviewing process. Prior to conducting the interview, double check that your computer’s audio is working, your webcam is well functioning, your battery is fully charged, the door is shut, and that there aren’t any kids screaming in the background!

Utilize one-way and live video interviewing strategically

In the new reality of virtual hiring, one-way and live interviews are often mistaken for one another. To break the confusion, live video interviews are video calls that are executed in an interview format on video conferencing tools like Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Whereas one-way video interviews, are more flexible. Recruiters create video questions that candidates must reply to with video answers. We advise you to utilize one-way video interviews to initially screen a mass number of candidates, in a short amount of time. As for live video interviews, we suggest you conduct them with the most qualified candidates that you would like to meet in person for a live chat.

Build a consistent interview process for every candidate

It’s crucially important to evaluate all candidates fairly and on the same playing field. A well designed and consistent video interviewing process is the best way to solicit great feedback from your teammates or interviewers. When interviews are unstructured, and all candidates are asked different questions, evaluating them will become more of a maze than an actual interview, and no more effective than a coin toss!

The best way to do that is ensure that there’s an all round consistency in the type, length, and kind of questions asked. Also, it would be beneficial to evaluate all candidates equally for the same job, based on the same pre-defined criteria. As a result, you’ll build a consistent video interviewing process that is smooth, fair, and transparent.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, there are various ways to ensure the overall success of the video interviewing process in your business. But overall, you’re going to need the right technology, prepare the interview questions in advance, perform a test run, utilize different video interviews strategically, and build a consistent interview process that promises a strong candidate experience from the very first start!

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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