Hiring During Covid19? Here are 5 Great Remote Hiring Tips

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A picture of a recruiter who is trying to succeed in remote hiring

We’re well into 2021 and the majority of us are still hiring remotely. We’re still getting the work done from our sofas, kitchen counters, backyards, and home offices. There’s no doubt that remote hiring is here to stay, and talent acquisition teams are now pushing themselves to revamp and innovate their style of recruiting.

If you’re currently hiring during Covid19, you’re going to need a recruitment process that is engaging and won’t let you risk losing top talent to the competition. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, and you’re looking for ways to enhance your remote hiring strategy, then you came to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to share with you some brilliant tips that will help you hire efficiently during Covid19, and have a pretty productive remote hiring experience. 

Ready to dig into the good stuff?

Create stellar job descriptions

A picture of a recruiter who is trying to succeed in remote hiring

Most people are under the impression that job descriptions are written primarily for employees. However, writing, fine-tuning, and re-assessing job descriptions should be an ongoing process. Candidates can be easily drawn to your company if they read a job description that is attractive and engaging. Even when you’re hiring remotely. Therefore, you can always opt to add videos of you or your teammates to the job descriptions, that further discuss information about the role. This will make the experience interactive and fun for candidates, even remotely. As a result, candidates will feel more involved in the remote hiring process and you can incredibly boost your employer brand as a result.

Keep candidates engaged throughout

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Bear in mind that the candidate experience shouldn’t be neglected, even when you’re hiring remotely during Covid19. Don’t make the mistake of freezing your hiring efforts just because you’re working remotely. That will only disengage candidates and leave them in the dark. Instead, create a vibrant chord of communication with them, and keep them in the loop on their application status. Also, the best way to keep them involved is to open up to them about the course of the remote hiring process during Covid19. Tell them what to expect, and when to expect a response from you. Candidates highly appreciate transparency!

Utilize an awesome hiring platform

A female recruiter working on EVA-REC

A hiring platform is the easiest way for recruiters to digitize their hiring process remotely. With a hiring platform like ours, recruiters can remotely filter, screen, source, and shortlist candidates in one place only. They can assess a mass number of resumes, instantly match candidates to pre-existing job posts or job descriptions, rank candidates from highest to lowest match, automate communication, customize their pipelines and streamline the remote hiring process from start to finish. This way, recruiters can save 90% of their time and cut hiring costs by a whopping 70%. A hiring platform will also help recruiters automate time-consuming tasks and processes, so they can focus more on what really matters; their candidates.

Embrace video interviewing

A group of employee working on EVA-REC

Thanks to video interviewing, remote hiring is now a breeze. In response to Covid19, companies worldwide are leveraging video interviews; one-way and two-way video interviews. A one-way video interview replaces the phone screening process, where candidates record videos of themselves answering particular interview questions. Whereas a two-way video interview is an alternative to an in-person interview. Where candidates conduct live interviews with recruiters via platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. This gives both candidates and recruiters the flexibility they need in these tough times, by taking into consideration lockdown measures and geographical barriers.

Create a multi-channel communication approach

A male recruiter using his phone to call a candidate

There’s no doubt that communication is the golden key that makes the hiring process more interactive and transparent. It’s technically the glue that binds everything together. So make sure that you are communicating with candidates in a timely manner and across various channels. Whether it be through SMS messages, phone calls, video calls, or a LinkedIn message, make sure you don’t limit communication to a single channel. However, communication channels aren’t tethered to candidates alone! Don’t forget that internally communicating with your teammates will also go a long way. Especially since it will make sure everyone is on the same page and everyone is kept in the loop, even when you’re all working remotely.

Bottom line

When hiring during Covid19, you must do what’s necessary to stay afloat and stay on top of the game. The tips we shared with you above, will help you keep your remote hiring process on track, and optimized in every way possible. So if you’re still working and hiring remotely, you’re going to have to lean on technology and innovation to take your hiring process up a notch. As a result, we encourage you to make sure you’re creating engaging job ads, investing in a hiring platform, engaging candidates, leveraging video interviews, and creating a multi-channel communication approach.

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