5 Company Policies Templates You Need to Have Today

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What would a football game be like if there were no rules to follow?

Chaotic, unfair, ineffective, and most likely unpleasant! In the same way, policies are to a business what rules are to game players. Without clear rules and guidelines, things can easily get lost in translation.

Company policies are put in place to outline the guidelines for behavior and conduct inside an organization, outlining both employees’ and employers’ duties. It also guarantees legal and regulatory compliance, whether within the organization or in contact with third parties.

Having company policies templates in clear and simple words in place helps minimize compliance issues or discrepancies when they arise.

Still, wondering where and how to begin? Here are five company policies templates that you should have in your firm.

What are company policies templates and why are they important?

A company policy is a clear statement that explains an organization’s rules and procedures, in regards to its operations, day-to-day operational issues, and compliance with employment regulations.

Company policies templates are a collection of internal guidelines that determine your company’s standards and expectations. It helps you communicate to employees as to what they can or cannot do and how they should do it.

Here are 5 company policies templates you need to have today!

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Ensuring company's safety with company policies templates

This policy assists the company in ensuring a secure work environment for all employees. Every employee has the right to feel safe doing their job; therefore, every employer should commit to following legal requirements and establishing a safe workplace.

Drafting such a policy is a requirement for anybody who owns or operates a business. Your employees must work in a healthy and safe environment without seeking legal advice.

A documented workplace health and safety policy demonstrate that you take your employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health seriously. It’s much more than just a couple of fire extinguishers. Creating a health and safety policy is the responsibility of each team leader. All in all, employees are expected to follow these guidelines and can be accountable if they do not.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Ensuring a diverse workplace with company policies templates

Almost everywhere, being an equal opportunity employer is required by law – some countries, unfortunately, have it yet don’t abide by it. This equal opportunity legislation makes it illegal for any corporation to discriminate against workers or job candidates based on their gender, age, race, sexuality, or color.

Oftentimes, this policy includes anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, workplace violence, and diversity policies.

Equal opportunity policies can benefit your firm for two reasons: First, they will help you create more diverse talent pools. Second, they provide an inclusive atmosphere where diverse employees can coexist, work, and grow together in harmony.

Employee Code of Conduct Policy

Monitoring employee conduct by using company policies templates

Every business has specific expectations from its team, and a simple code of conduct can help make the rules clearer. Communicating these expectations is necessary with a written employee code of conduct policy.

A written employee code of conduct that includes relevant elements such as attendance or the use of social media can prevent misunderstandings even when an employee has the right intentions.

Therefore, employees can resort to this policy whenever they are confused about what constitutes appropriate behavior. It also ensures that whenever an employee is terminated, a record of the documents is available and accessible at any time.

Leave of Absence Policy

Including a leave policy with the help of company policies templates

A leave of absence policy, often known as an employee attendance policy, sets the expectations for employees’ attendance at work. Arriving on time to work contributes to the efficiency of the workplace. This policy applies to all nonexempt workers, regardless of their position.

Employees may need to be off work for many reasons ranging from health difficulties to vacation.

There are different types of leaves such as sick leave, paid leave, maternity leave, personal leave, and parental leave. The only way to effectively inform employees about their leaves is by drafting a clear leave of absence policy, that dictates the guidelines required to manage leave-taking.

Employee Disciplinary Action Policy

Setting guidelines with company policies templates

Problems can develop at work from time to time, and dealing with them will be easier if a clear disciplinary policy is in place. Employees must understand how and under what conditions they will be reprimanded. Even if you don’t publicly reveal the method, a consistent step-by-step approach can help you assure fair and proper treatment.

It will also demonstrate that you are an employer who does not tolerate significant breaches but appreciates corrective efforts in the case of infractions.

Last few words

If you’re looking to recruit winning teams and foster a happier work environment, you need to have these 5 core company policy templates. These policies will form the basis of your company’s functioning.

So always opt to keep your policies concise, easy to understand, accessible, and professional. Also, we advise you to always consult a lawyer to confirm that the processes you put in place are legal – especially when preparing and writing all company policy templates.

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Let’s build a candidate-centric culture

See how our award-winning ATS can help you deepen your talent pool and fill positions faster by building an immersive and modern candidate experience.
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