How to Hire at Scale: 5 Awesome Tips for Startups

A group of recruiters who are looking to hire top talent for their startup

So, you want to hire top talent for your growing startup. You also want to take your recruitment to a whole other level.

Ask any CEO, manager, leader or HR professional, and they would tell you that hiring the right people, in this particular time, is no walk in the park (unless you have an awesome AI hiring solution).

Sometimes, it’s not only about hiring top talent. It’s about hiring people who are in line with your company’s core value, goals, and culture. On the one hand, you want to grow your team, and on the other hand, your startup is your baby and you can’t afford to make any costly mistakes.

So, take it from us. You’re going to need a few great tips to help you get started if you want to hire at scale in these hard times!

Let’s go over these great tips together.

Hire if you need to get your product through the door

If you’ve got an awesome product or software that you can’t wait to drop into the market, then you’re going to need an A-team to help you make the magic happen. Recruitment is all about using the right tools to find the right people. With the right team, you can create a new revenue stream for your business to ultimately help you get your product through the door, and into the hands of your target customers. (Virtually speaking as well.)

Which means, if you want to roll out your product, you’re going to need great designers, tech developers, marketing specialists – and some brilliant recruiters who can find the rest of your team! If you’re building a world-class product, you’re going to need a world-class team. Investing in good engineering alone won’t cut it!

Hire if your workload is quite overwhelming

As a startup, you may have realized that growth can be tricky. Its normal to have your business demands ebb and flow from month to month. This means that it’s not particularly easy to predict if you need more people for your business, and if you should take your recruitment up a notch. So take a moment to digest your business workload.

Do you feel like your workload is heavier in specific seasons? Are your sales skyrocketing in the winter or summer? Let that be an indication of when you should hire new employees. So here’s a neat little trick.

Look at the number of hours that your team needs to work to get the job done. Then, divide it by 40 (the average hour of work per week) and if the number is greater than the number of your employees, then you should hire!

Let your brand’s personality shine in the job description

If your startup isn’t well known in the market yet, then you’re going to have to stand out to top talent. The best way to do that is to reflect your brand identity and culture in the job description.

Always craft job descriptions that are unique and catchy. Explain how you’re looking for a star candidate who can join your A-star team and hop on an exciting journey of disrupting the industry with innovative products. Mention the skills you’re looking for, and don’t limit candidates with experience alone.

The point is, you want to attract candidates and get their attention instantly, once they lay their eyes on your job description. You want them to say “This is the kind of company I want to be part of!”

Build a bank of interview questions

Every recruiter or manager has a different interviewing style in the recruitment process. So before you start interviewing candidates, make sure everyone is on the same page. As a startup, you don’t have time to waste. So you’re going to have to come up with a series of cut-to-the-chase interview questions to help you spot the right candidates right away.

So sit with your awesome team and come up with a series of interview questions that you can use in the interview process. Specify the questions that should be asked at each stage, and for each position. Then, make sure you unanimously use the same set of interview questions, to provide all candidates with a unified hiring experience without singling anyone out.

Hire for values too, not just culture

Culture is a fluid concept. We know that. Testing for cultural fit is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. But the truth is, culture alone won’t make a perfect candidate.

You’re going to need to look at values. When you’re hiring a candidate who cultivates the same values as you and your team, their motivation and goals will definitely be in sync with yours. Finding the perfect candidate is not easy. But finding candidates who have the potential to be perfect should be given the right opportunity.

Having someone who’s a cultural fit isn’t enough. You want someone who’s potential can materialize into something wonderful for your company.

To wrap it up

Recruitment is a beautiful process. Hiring the right candidates and watching them grow in their careers – is such a refreshing feeling. As a startup, you want to hire candidates who can hop on board and become part of your growing journey. You want candidates who share your values, goals, and culture. You want to hire candidates who know what it’s like to build a plane, but wait a little before flying it.

We hope that these tips can help you hire the right candidates for your startup, and help you reach all your goals and targets with ease. But remember, to make your journey easier, you can always invest in a hiring solution like ours to make every single one of these tips a living proof of recruitment success!

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