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Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, driving past a billboard, or seeing a sign flung in front of a building – it’s easy to spot when a company is hiring. All these advertisements tell one thing “Come and join our team. We are hiring!” It’s the same vanilla message that we have seen everywhere.

But is it enough to lure in top talent?

Not really. Your employer branding can do better than that.

Today’s best candidates have an abundance of options to choose from. They’ve got job offers that are popping out like daisies. Whether it’s more compelling benefits, a more remunerative salary, stock options, or pre-bonuses – it’s fierce competition.

So if you’re looking to attract the best candidates for your business, you need to make sure your employer branding is more than exceptional.

So where do you start? Here are 4 practical tips on creating and improving your employer branding (you can thank us later).

Get personal with your approach

enhancing employer branding in the hiring process

We know what you’re thinking – personalizing your recruitment every step of the way is going to be a challenge. But the truth is, personalization doesn’t mean that you need to contact each and every candidate manually, and on every occasion. Personalizing your employer branding could mean giving prospective candidates a virtual tour of the office, sending them a video introducing the company, conducting Q&A sessions, or sending automated emails through a hiring platform.

Think about it this way: every candidate is unique. What could appeal to one candidate, might not appeal to the other. So if you’re only sending personalized emails, your approach might not work for all candidates. What about the candidate that prefers visuals? What about the candidates that prefer talking over the phone?

If you’re looking to boost your employer branding, you’ll need to step away from generic recruitment and foster a more personalized approach that is tailored to the candidates.

Our suggestion? Spruce up your approach. Incorporate more than one approach that is proven to keep your best candidates engaged at all times.

So for starters, personalize the job descriptions and provide all the relevant information they need about the job. Perhaps even rely on an AI-powered hiring platform to keep candidates in the loop – automatically – and at all times. Not only that, but an AI hiring platform can even recommend online courses from Coursera or Udemy to each candidate, based on any missing skillsets that they need to fine-tune for the job.

There are endless ways that you can personalize your recruitment approach to secure top talent and ultimately improve your employer branding. It’s all about testing the waters and seeing what works best for you and the candidates!

Take pride and be efficient in your recruitment

a candidate impressed with the company's employer branding

Do you have a killer talent acquisition team? Are you using a hiring platform that is automating your recruitment? Are you crushing all your hiring goals? Are you filling all your vacancies in less than a month?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – then be proud!

Taking pride in your work means that you will be able to offer exceptional work standards, efficiency, and productivity. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to improve your employer branding.


Because candidates can easily pick up a bored recruiter from an invested one. They’ll instantly notice if you’re doing your job just to get paid, or doing it because you genuinely care about it. If you haphazardly respond to candidates, speak in a disinterested tone, snap back at their incessant emails, or keep them hanging – they’ll instantly look at your company and employer branding in a negative light.

So take a good look at your recruiting process. If you’re not too proud of it, fix it! Make it more efficient. Let it shine.

Try to pinpoint any bottlenecks. Is communication with candidates lagging behind? If you’re talking too long, drop them an email letting them know that you’ll be getting back to them soon.
Is your application process too long and complex? Take action today to make it short and brief. Let candidates spend no longer than 10 minutes replying to mandatory questions or filling in the required fields.

The same way you wouldn’t make it hard for customers to purchase your products or services, don’t make it hard for candidates to apply to jobs either!

Don’t try to cut corners

recruiters cutting corners in the hiring process

Let’s say your Thursday lunchtime is here and you’re about to head to your favorite coffee shop to grab your favorite turkey and cheese sandwich. Every Thursday you treat yourself to the same exact sandwich. You love it and it keeps you motivated. But one Thursday, you try to omit the cheese just to cut back on the calories. You held off just for the sake of it.

You ended up throwing the sandwich because it didn’t take the same, and your motivation for the remaining day dwindled down.

Moral of the story? Don’t try to cut corners if you know it will affect your efficiency and productivity.
The same thing goes for your employer branding and recruitment process. If you’re looking to build and sustain an exceptional employer brand, you need to keep the momentum. Put a long-term talent acquisition strategy into place to keep the ball rolling on your recruitment. Make sure to always make the effort to get back to candidates, keep them engaged, and put them in the loop.

Are your best candidates more into LinkedIn? Drop them your weekly newsletter or blogs that are useful and helpful to them. Do your candidates prefer email? Send them the latest updates on your company or recruiting process.

But most importantly, collaborate with your recruiting team at all times. Ensure that everyone is on the same page, tasks are divided accordingly, and decisions are made collectively. So if you’re used to conducting weekly meetings every Monday, don’t make excuses not to join. If you usually send an email to your manager at the end of every week looping them in on the week’s progress, don’t break the habit.

So if you’re cutting corners just to save time, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll be cutting back on the efforts needed to sustain the efficiency of your recruiting process, which will eventually negatively impact the candidate’s experience as well. And the next thing you know, it’s all in shambles.

At the end of the day, you need to give recruitment all you’ve got if you want to sustain your incredible employer branding.

Be more accommodating to everyone’s needs

a recruiter improving the employer branding

In the past, many employees had to strictly follow a 9 to 5 working schedule, whether it suited their needs or not. Before, candidates had to wait around in the lobby before being called in by the interviewer.

Well, that time was yesterday.

Today, many employees get the option to work from home and candidates can take their interviews online. With a more flexible approach to recruitment, both recruiters and candidates are enjoying more flexibility at hand.

Through such flexibility, you can accommodate everyone’s needs. Such as candidates that live too far or recruiters can have to care for family members at home. By being more attuned to their needs, you’ll simultaneously boost your employer branding.

Not only that, if you’re interviewing or hiring candidates with disabilities, be sure to meet their needs as well. We highly advise you to turn your application process into a great user experience for candidates with special needs. For instance, website navigation should include both keyboard and mouse accessibility. So make sure your job adverts are easily accessible and are at least a font size of 12. And most importantly, make sure the application process promotes a positive approach and fosters leniency when receiving information from candidates.

Keeping it short

Many employer branding initiatives are constructed without taking into account the bigger picture. It’s why we see more and more employers spend lavishly on outdoor advertisements, but so little on their recruitment process. For employer branding to have a real impact on your company, you need to build it, maintain it, and fine-tune it from time-to-time.

But of course, we can help with that! So if you’re looking to become an employer of choice and gain a competitive advantage with your employer branding, we got you.

EVA-REC is an award-winning hiring platform that automates and improves the hiring process through next-generation AI technology. Small businesses to industry leaders rely on EVA-REC to find and hire the people they can depend on. With EVA-REC’s world-class features, companies can seamlessly ramp up their employer branding, streamline the hiring process, and create an immersive experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

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Put your employer brand under the spotlight‏

Create a modern and branded career page that showcases your brand successfully and converts top talent fast.
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