5 Wonderful Ways AI Recruitment Software is Uprooting Hiring

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A recruiter working with AI recruitment software to uproot the hiring process

The battle to attract and retain top talent remains ongoing in the HR world. Candidates are being selective. And unemployment is just half the picture. The great news is though: AI recruitment software is making hiring top talent a piece of cake for all recruiters.

Since recruiters are starting to feel that crunch to step up their game, AI recruitment software is becoming the glue that sticks together recruiting efforts and monetary gains. It’s also fundamentally helping recruiters hire top talent in half the time and make it less of a hit-and-miss.

With all these rapid strides in technology, AI is transforming the way we hire in ways we cannot even fathom! In this article, we share with you the 5 ways AI recruitment software is playing a crucial role in uprooting hiring in the HR landscape!

Reducing unconscious hiring bias

There’s no doubt that the hiring process can be somewhat laden with hiring bias. Which can inevitably hinder credibility and steer recruiters towards unproductive recruitment. But surely, you’ve heard how an AI recruitment software can combat hiring bias for good!

Our recruitment software, EVA-REC is clubbed with AI to provide recruiters with unparalleled and valuable insights that eliminate hiring bias and well-equip recruiters with the data they need to hire top talent, without inflicting any unconscious bias.

What’s more, it can help recruiters screen candidates based on the skills and qualifications that matter, rather than being biased towards any gender, background, nationality, or race. By creating a hiring process that is fair and accurate, recruiters can boost efficiency, productivity, and the candidate experience.

Providing data-driven insights

Data is everything. And numbers don’t lie. Our recruitment software provides HR with AI-powered data and reports that help talent acquisition teams make hiring decisions with full accuracy and reliability. From these reports, they can get a comprehensive overview of business metrics, which in tow, helps them fine-tune and enhance the hiring process. Data-driven insights that are provided by our hiring solution, not only improve the quality of decisions but also help HR professionals wisely allocate recruitment funds and resources.

Enhancing candidate engagement

Given that our hiring platform automates the entire hiring process, recruiters won’t risk losing top talent due to a lengthy process. With a streamlined process, recruiters get to engage candidates at every step and keep them in the loop. By updating candidates with timely communication, recruiters get to effortlessly boost candidate experience by 70%!

With EVA-REC, recruiters will be able to give candidates the time they deserve. Each recruiter will be able to spend more time with candidates even remotely, all while ensuring timely communication that will foster
relationships and support them in determining cultural fit.

Strategically increasing the talent pool

In the past, recruiters would spend more than 13 hours sifting and sourcing manually through resumes, in an effort to find the perfect candidate. Today, recruiters are utilizing AI recruitment software to rapidly screen resumes and tap into a large talent pool to source candidates.

With our AI recruitment software, recruiters can feasibly post jobs to over 10,000 job boards and convert candidates with a branded career page. What’s more, AI is uprooting hiring since it can efficiently identify passive candidates. Did you know that almost 70% of the workforce comprises of potential candidates? Overlooking the potential of this talent pool can immensely cripple recruiting efforts and effectiveness.

Making stellar hiring decisions

Making the best hiring decision entails measuring the candidate’s potential and capability against a selection of criteria. Whether a recruiter is looking to hire a young, enthusiastic Sales representative, who’s fluent in English or Spanish, and is looking to relocate or travel – our hiring platform allows recruiters to assign weights of importance to the criteria that are most important to them.

After assigning the weights, the recruiters will notice that each candidate will get a certain matching percentage. This percentage signifies how much the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements. To make it even easier, our hiring platform will consequently rank them from highest to lowest match. So, what’s the benefit of weighting a selection of criteria? Recruiters can enjoy precision when short-listing candidates, increased accuracy in decisions, greater consistency, and some ease of mind. With only a few clicks, recruiters can instantly spot the perfect fit for the role and make the right hiring decision!

Tying it all together

AI is a game-changer when it comes to hiring top talent. In today’s challenging HR landscape, hiring top talent is the lifeblood of all growing and successful companies. Thanks to AI, talent acquisition teams can seamlessly manage and optimize the remote hiring process with all ease and simplicity. HR is a knowledge-based industry. AI will always help recruiters, but it won’t replace them. The stark truth is that recruiters need to leverage AI recruitment software to evolve with the newest technological advancements that are transforming the world of HR.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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