13 Things Recruiters Need to Stop Doing in 2021!

A group of recruiters that are trying to optimize the way they hire

There’s no doubt that recruiters are the superheroes behind every hiring process. However, HR challenges can push recruiters off-road, and they might swivel into the wrong path sometimes.

We know that recruiters strive to make the hiring process spotless and optimized. Yet without the right resources, tools, or hiring solution – it can be quite difficult. Typically, recruiters make the life of HR managers, human resources, and candidates much easier. But there are a few habits that they can definitely do without!

They might not be conscious of these habits, but once eliminated from their playbook, recruiters can enhance their chances of streamlining the hiring process, saving their time, and finding the best talent for their organizations.

So let’s go over the 13 things recruiters should give up doing in 2021!

Stop posting job descriptions that are poorly written!

Stop relying solely on job boards

Stop sending generic copy/paste emails

Stop leaving your candidates hanging

Stop making hasty hiring decisions!

Stop trying to make everything work out on your own

Stop hiring for skills only, and not potential

Stop making quick judgments

Stop ignoring phone calls

Stop sourcing candidates without the right information

Stop working harder, work smarter!

Stop looking for candidates in the wrong places

Stop…and invest in a hiring solution!

Bottom line

Recruiters don’t always have it easy.

Are you a recruiter who has developed some of these habits? Don’t worry! If you vow to work on eliminating these habits this year, you can most definitely obliterate any setbacks that you encounter on the way, and set your hiring process up for success!
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