10 Struggles Every Recruiter Can Relate To

a picture of a recruiter that is struggling with work

Being a recruiter is not easy. The struggle is real.

Some find it hard to hire the best candidates. Several find it hard to leave work without a headache. Others are probably wondering if they should have gone for a career in Marketing instead.

Many recruiters today struggle with poor time management, lengthy screening processes, insufficient candidate insights, costly hiring decisions, and much more.

The bottom line is: a day in the life of a recruiter isn’t particularly easy.

In this article, we’re going to share with you 10 struggles that every recruiter can relate to.

If you’re going through any of these struggles, then don’t worry. You’re not alone!

When a candidate cancels on you last minute.

When your candidate accepts another offer after conducting three interviews with them.

When you spend 13 hours looking for the right candidate, only to have your company fill the role internally.

When you make the wrong hire and have to deal with the results.

When you have to be the ‘’bad guy’’ and send a warning email to a coworker.

When the expectations of the hiring manager are unreal.

“Looking for a fresh graduate with a minimum of 3 years experience.”

When candidates email you every day asking you about the status of their applications.

When you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

When a candidate wants three weeks to think about a job offer.

Just when you think recruitment isn’t so bad anyway.

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